Cake time!


Something merry from Christmas day :)


Christmas is the time of year when family and close friends come together to enjoy the abundance of food, alcohol, and presents from dear old Mr. Claus. I am usually prepared for the Christmas season. I send out personalized Christmas cards to friends and family (near and far) early in December, make sentimental gifts for my family and friends, and bake a fair share of Christmas cookies and cakes for the school gala.

But this year, I did none of that. Nope. I did not send out a single card, get any presents for anyone nor did I bake a single cookie. Maybe I was secretly hoping that the 21st would be the end of the world so that would justify my lack of effort in being in the festive mood. I have a little sister, and she was excited about the presents that she was going to get under the tree.

Don’t worry, out of my guilty conscious, I went and bought her some Trashpacks that she wanted.

I reflected on my lack of festive mood this year. Maybe all the hype around the end of the world got to me, or I felt Christmas wasn’t worth celebrating because of the Sandy Hook shooting. Now that I think about it, it frustrates me that I wasn’t feeling festive.

I went along to a family friends house for Christmas lunch, played treasure hunt with the kids, and had secret Santa present swap but I still felt ugh. I wasn’t really in the mood to make small talk, or settle into the never-ending flow of alcohol available…

Maybe it was the gloomy weather that played havoc, or the crazy woman hormones because I didn’t even feel an inch of excitement for the Boxing Day sales.

To be honest, I’ve probably felt like this since the middle of the year. What I used to love doing, I don’t do anymore. I’d keep my exhibition of emotions to a minimum, and choose sleep over being social. I just don’t feel motivated to do anything at all!!

I read an article by the – You Need To Go After The Things You Want:

And it is so blunt and true!

The new year is only a few days away, and I think it’s about time to start doing and being instead of just waiting around and hoping. I have been trying to be cool, calm, and collected this whole time, but really it was tiring me out even more! Its time I re-embraced my personality and quirks, and be normal in my own way.

Holiday time!

Had my last exam this afternoon.. It was a painful 2 hours in a classroom of silence. Gah! And what was more painful was the fact that it was a gorgeous afternoon outside! >.<

But anyway, it is all done and dusted. Two years of uni down, one more to go!

The lessons I’ve learnt so far are:

  • Avoid procrastinating (you can clean your room twice, make a meal plan for the week, go for a jog, clean the car, and clean the toilet, but at the end of the day the blank page will still be waiting, along with the impending deadline)
  • Never leave assignments to the last minute (you can definitely write a better essay if you didn’t start it the night before it’s due!)
  • Nothing beats a celebratory drink after handing in an assignment, or finishing an exam (gorgeous day and a Rekorderlig cider in hand = sigh)

Now begins my four month holiday before my final year of uni. What should I do with my time??

I think I should avoid procrastinating and leaving things to the last minute first…

A Novice Blogger’s First Post

Blogging. It seems to be a popular trend that is constantly growing but I haven’t caught the blogging bug… Until now.

I guess I decided to start one because its a good way of letting out my thoughts about this and that, or just ranting about whatever. Plus it’s a good tool for practicing my writing skills (said my tutor). I’m not sure what to start writing about, or even where to begin!

Do I write (I’m sorry, ‘blog’) about what I ate for lunch? What I wore today? What I got up to this morning?

Ahh.. The pressures of the first post!

I think I’ll just blog about the greatest pleasure of handing in my final assignment for this semester! Hooray! :D

The last assignment, after much procrastination, I painfully began to write. It was a group assignment too, so I had to get it done because there were others relying on me. We did a report on Beyonce’s creative career, and that was really fascinating to learn about her ambition and drive to succeed. But it would have been more interesting to learn about her if we didn’t have to write a 4000 word essay on it! But we struggled through it, finished, and handed it in with a couple of hours until the deadline.

The satisfaction of sliding the 18 page report into the slit of the wooden box… Felt so freaking good! No more assignments for the rest of this year!

But unfortunately, a two hour exam awaits me in a few days. I should stop procrastinating and get started on reading about theories of intercultural communication!

Cookie time!

Cookie time!

The new Snickers cookies made by the awesome team at Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar


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